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Dr. Glenn Stephen Frysinger

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My Sister Anne, and her husband, Ken

Her Daughter Marisa

Her son Joseph and his son Oliver

My Grandparents

His fun at Moab, Utah

July 2017
The Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger Family
left to right
Elma Breidenstine Frysinger
Erik Frysinger
Jack Frysinger
Matt Frysinger
Dr. Glenn Stephen Frysinger
Karen Christman
Thomas James Frysinger
Jane Frysinger Pilliod
Susan Frysinger Blasch
David Blasch


My Oldest Son

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And My three Grandchildren

Jack, Matt and Eric

My Youngest Son

Fiona, my Great  Granddaughter

Jane with her son J.P.

My Younger Daughter

My Family.

Who are the Pennsylvania Germans and how and why did they get here ?

Marlene's car

PT Cruiser Creed

Having had this "Position of Honor" bestowed upon me, I vow to do my best, to be as diligent as I can in maintaining my responsibilities to the High Standards that come along with this during my ownership.    

I will Drive down the roads SLOWLY so that other drivers can get a good    look at my PT.

I will keep it clean and shining.

I will Show it Off, every chance I get.

And above all, I will "Brag" about my car, and take the time to always answer the "Questions of the Curious".

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Bride of my Grandson, J.P.

My Father, Mother, my two Sisters, and my Dog "Tippy"

Jane with her Grandchildren

Her Son Dom (Wedding Photo)

Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger

and his wife

Marlene E. Roeseler

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Matt in 2018

Tom Frysinger


Hiram, Clara, Muriel and George Frysinger

My Older Daughter