the Tāj Mahal (c. 1632–c. 1649), built as a tomb for Queen Mumtāz Mahal, is the greatest masterpiece of his reign.

All the resources of the empire were put into its construction.


the island of Tarawa

Visiting New Countries

East Timor became the first new sovereign state of the 21st century on May 20, 2002. 

Far Away Places

Patchwork Quilts

I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania where the Amish and the German Brethren farm folk had a long tradition of making patchwork quilts. My grandmother spent many afternoons with the other ladies of the church's Ladies Aid Society around a quilt frame hand sewing the elaborate stitch work. We used quilts at home in everyday life.

most populous seasonal resident is the
Laysan albatross (white gooney)

Phosphate exports provided the wealth

of this small island Republic


Protestant Church of Tuvalu

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My Tour of Antarctica 

in 1989 

was a delightful experience 

Resent sinking of the "M/S Explorer"

I have traveled to 180 independent countries plus 91 dependencies which are separate enough due to geography, culture or history to warrant being considered separate territories.

Countries off the main stream, who are far less visited

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Tuvaluans are a Polynesian people who settled the islands around 3000 years ago coming from Tonga and Samoa

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) was one of the world's most prominent and influential architects.He developed a series of highly individual styles over his extraordinarily long architectural career (spanning the years 1887–1959) and he influenced the entire course of American architecture and building. To this day, he remains America's most famous architect.Wright was also well known in his lifetime. His colorful personal life frequently made headlines, most notably for the failure of his first two marriages and for the 1914 fire and murders at his Taliesin studio.

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an Atoll which is a collection of islands

Tonga consists of more than 150 islands spread over approximately 360,000 sq km (approximately 140,000 sq mi) of the Pacific Ocean. 

Ahu Akivi is an ahu with seven moai on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) in Chilean Polynesia. 

Covered Bridges

A covered bridge is a bridge, often single-lane, with enclosed sides and a roof. They have typically been wooden. Especially associated with the nineteenth century, covered bridges often serve as prominent local landmarks and have long attracted the attentions of historical preservationists.Early bridges were made of wood, especially where it was a plentiful resource. Wooden bridges tended to deteriorate rapidly from exposure to the elements, having a useful lifespan of only nine years. Covering them protected their structural members, thus extending their life to 80 years or more. Covered bridges were also constructed to be used by travelers during storms and inclement weather.Most wooden covered bridges employ trusses as their key structural design element. A popular design was the Burr Arch truss, but others were also used.

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