Marlene in the 1980s

Where I first met Marlene  

more than 30 years ago

I worked for the Kohler Company

as a Research Manager    1980-1990

My Home

With My Wife Marlene

Who am I ?

the Horse and Plow pub and restaurant in the American Club

Kohler Company headquarters

The American Club, built in 1918 to provide housing for immigrant workers at the Kohler Company (of faucet and sink fame) and to provide recreation and dining options for Kohler workers and family members, the club now serves as an all-season resort -- AAA's only five-diamond resort in the Midwest.

Valentine Day 2017

after 32 years of marriage

I live on Lake Michigan   in the city of Sheboygan  the state of Wisconsin

Her return visit to the Horse and Plow

Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger Traveler and Photographer